Schoolpay is the perfect platform dedicated to help your school manage invoicing and collect payments on a real time basis.

Schoolpay is a product of
airpay payment services pvt. ltd.

Schoolpay provides educational institutions with distinct freedom to interact with the parents on a single platform for all their transactions.

  • Be COVID-19 guidelines compliant.

  • Go digital & be paperless.

Single Dashboard View
  • Have a 360® view of all your properties.

  • Easy integration with existing system.

  • Multi-channel fees collection & reconciliation.

  • Difficult to keep a track of school activities, notices & defaulters.

Create Experiences for millennials
  • Payment from comfort of their homes for working parents and automatic reconciliation.

  • View payment status, view & download receipts, invoice details.

  • Labor Costs when reconciling accounts/payments (Operations, Finance, Admin, etc.) and follow up with parents.

  • Bear bank charges on bounced cheques.

Affordability & Transparency
  • Accept anything & everything- from cash to cards, POS to Digital payments, cheques etc.

  • No hidden charges & complete transparency.

  • On time fees collection & payment disbursement to multiple vendors.

  • Storing & auditing physical records of past payments.

Vendor Payment Management
  • Make easy one-click payment disbursement to multiple vendors.

  • Digital records with easy access & in-house analysis to aid decision making.


Schoolpay is a transaction ecosystem enabler allowing parents & institutes to transact seamlessly with the highest security standards. We are on the mission to ease fees payment for educational institutes & parents and make it less complicated.


Task Management

Automated invoicing, settlement, payment reminder & reconciliation.


Digitalize IT

Maintain all records digitally & get easy access to Settlement reports, MIS reports, defaulters list, activity reports etc.


High level of

Easily customizable dashboard as per your requirement with our easy-to-use portal.


Management System

Manage admissions with SchoolPay’s integrated platform. Maintain digital records of all students for easier and secure access.


Quickly achieve

Real-time tracking of transactions, reconciliation with minimum investments. Reduced expenses on non-teaching activities & reduced human error.


Your data
tells a story

Real-time data tracking,with in-depth analysis of your data .To help you take intelligent decisionsand enhance your operational efficiency.

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